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culture & leadership

You want to transform culture and renew leadership.

Many companies are gaining the impression that the organizational habits of the past are no longer sufficient for the future. The acceleration of change in all areas requires a different approach to complexity throughout the company. And people want to be managed differently than they have been in the past.

We see corporate culture as the entirety of the organization's unwritten laws and habits, which are re-enacted through rituals and established patterns of interaction and behaviour every day. Culture is informal; at the same time, we can generally rely on everyone adhering to its rules. We can hardly measure culture objectively, and we cannot formally instruct it. This makes it particularly challenging to change it. We are convinced that culture can be shaped and that it is worth doing so.

We support you in shaping an organizational culture of shared responsibility.

Culture is communication, and it can be shaped through communication. To do this, people need a framework in which they can reflect on their perception of culture with each other. What patterns of interaction do we experience? What unspoken rules are behind them? And how do they shape the way we work together? Culture is never exclusively good or bad. The benefits that your customers gain and the external conditions under which your company creates them determine whether the current rules are beneficial or disruptive. We therefore never analyze culture in a vacuum, but always in the context of the company's value creation.

Together with you, we carry out an intensive and productive cultural analysis through interviews with stakeholders, hypothesis generation and the design of workshop formats. On this basis, we work with you to develop effective measures for evolutionary cultural change.

For culture to change, formal hurdles usually have to be cleared out of the way, because culture often follows structure. For example, if you want cooperation but primarily reward individual goal achievement, appeals for teamwork will not get you far. We support you in analyzing the interdependencies and interactions between culture and structure and drawing the right conclusions.

Cultural development is also the development of leadership culture. A cultural change can only succeed if the people who bear special responsibility for the organization as a whole are won over to this change, because leadership roles often change in the process. We provide leadership tools that promote reflection and taking on responsibility so that managers and employees become a strong performance community.

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