innovation & project organization

You want to ensure the sustainable innovative strength of your company and drive it forward with strong projects.

Every innovation, whether at product, process or business model level, challenges the status quo. The integration of a new system, the changeover to agile development or the introduction of new work concepts require changed routines from everyone involved. We support this transformation process.

Innovation projects secure the future of a company. They are the most important means of shaping and developing the company itself. However, projects that are not directly relevant to the market, often lose out in the internal competition for resources. We support you in taking up this conflict to the right position in the company and moderating it sustainably. To this end, we work with you to design a process in which strategic guidelines, investment plans, capacities and the organizational culture are taken into account and stakeholder perspectives are systematically integrated.

Such innovation projects need clever ideas. Which people in your company do you trust to come up with such ideas? People with the talent to creatively solve problems for the company can be found in all areas of the organization. Together, we ensure that problems and idea providers are brought together. This gives the company the impetus, it urgently needs and at the same time creates new development and career paths for its employees.

We work with you to further develop your project organization for innovative and operational projects - in a customer-oriented and efficient manner.

Projects create value. Navigating projects between the conflicting priorities of requirements, budgets and timelines is an art. Reconciling efficient standardization and pragmatic solution orientation is a balancing act.

We support you in arranging the processes/structures, roles, committees and communication formats of your project organization appropriately. Traditional and agile project management can coexist. The qualification of project professionals with regard to this framework is another service we provide for our clients.

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