Hintergrundbild Organisationsdesign Agilit├Ąt

organizational design & agility

You want to establish structures and processes that align your company more closely with markets and customers. Agile methods should help you to manage your company successfully, even as it becomes increasingly dynamic.

Meeting the needs of customers while processes and structures are focused on value creation: This is the starting point for creating an efficient organizational design. Companies can be organized in different ways. In typical hierarchical organizations, segmentation is based on functions, product groups, markets or distribution channels. Project organization focuses on projects, holocracy defines self-organized circles, and a matrix structure has a bit of everything. No matter what the organizational form looks like: Decisions and the right courses of action are fought over, and conflicts are inevitable.

We support you in designing your organization in such a way that conflicts can be negotiated productively.

The aim is to enable people to spend as much time as possible on meaningful tasks. Responsibility should be unambiguously distributed in roles and processes. This means to allow the right degree of self-organization where customer problems need to be solved to establish and strengthen hierarchical structures where they are more effective.

We support you in balancing vertical (hierarchical) and horizontal (autonomy-oriented) management in line with the company's purpose. 

Many experiences show that agility is never exclusively good or bad and certainly not a universal remedy. At the same time, it is the measure of how well a company can adapt to rapidly changing environmental influences. The good news is: every company is - more or less - agile in certain areas. Together, we analyze where your company is already agile today and where there is an increased need.

We incorporate well-known methods and frameworks such as Scrum and Design Thinking into our consulting and check which tools should be used to suit your objectives. Here too, we rely on a participatory process that we coordinate with you.

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