Hintergrundbild Strategie Umsetzung

strategy & implementation

You are shaping the future of your company and want to focus all your energies on it.

Nothing seems predictable or certain anymore. The days of five-year plans are over. However, the need for strategies remains, because organizations need orientation, especially when the future is uncertain: if you want to be effective, you need direction and focus. A good strategy releases energy and reduces complexity at the same time. It makes clear and binding statements about what needs to be taken care of and just as clearly excludes what should not be done. What is the purpose of the company and where does it end? If one wants to deal successfully with growing complexity, it is important to allow only as much of it as the company can handle.

We support you in developing a strategy that unleashes the power to shape, grow and renew your organization.

When we design strategy work with you, the following questions may become relevant:

  • Who needs to be involved and when?
  • How do we want to reach important decisions and in which direction do we want to go?
  • Which ideas, goals and business areas do we NOT want to pursue in the future?
  • How do we secure a path we want to take in the long term? 
  • How can we become more sustainable?
  • What conflicts are to be expected between our divisions when we implement our strategy? And how do we ensure cooperation within the company?
  • What stands in the way of our new strategy? And how could a change look like?
  • How well does our culture support our vision for the future? And how can we shape culture in a future-oriented way?
  • How do we communicate our strategy appropriately for the various target groups of our company? How do we make our mission, vision and strategy tangible?


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