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transformation & change

You recognize that changes are necessary in your company, and you want to implement targeted adjustments in your organization. You are looking for solutions.

Global crises, social challenges disruptive developments in markets and supply chains are a stress test for every company. It reveals how robust your company is and how successfully it can react to change.

We understand transformation as a fundamental change of the entire company. Every organization is different, complex and characterized by a fine network of formal structures and cultural habits between different players. Therefore, an organization cannot simply be rebuilt like a machine. We support the evolution of your company with our systemic-agile and organizational science tools.

For us, change management is the project management of change. We support you in restructuring specific areas of the company, systems, processes, departments or teams in the direction of your target perspective. Restructuring often leads to friction and conflicts that need to be addressed and integrated during the process. We help you to use these conflicts productively for the development of your company: through adaptive project planning, sensible stakeholder involvement and transparent change communication.

We work with you step by step in a co-creative process to develop solutions for the transformation of your company.

In iterations, we observe the effects of our measures. In this way, we gain a better understanding of what can help your organization to move forward. We continuously adapt our approach in dialog with you. Important reference points for this are always:

  • The ecosystem your company operates in, shaped by e.g. markets, technological developments and social conditions
  • The purpose, strategy and values of the company

We attach great importance to a trusting relationship with our customers. In a transparent contracting process, we clarify project goals and mutual expectations of the collaboration so that we can work for you as effectively as possible.

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